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What to Do If You Lose a Contract Phone

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On an iPhone: Go to and use Find My iPhone to erase your phone`s data. Fortunately, most apps, especially those that contain sensitive information, warn you against unauthorized attempts to access your account. On Facebook, for example, you can see recent connections on this page – if there`s one you don`t recognize, or if you see your stolen or lost phone in the list, you can click on the three dots on the right and then log out. You can also click Sign out of all sessions to force disable all other devices connected to your accounts. With many other online accounts, you can do the same, including Google and Twitter. If your phone has been stolen, ask your carrier for the Phone Identification Number (IMEI) – you will need to report this to the police. When it comes to your SIM card and phone, you`ll probably need a replacement. Your carrier will provide you with a replacement SIM card, although they may charge a small administration fee. When it comes to your phone, the responsibility for the handset lies with you. You need to buy a new cell phone, either with insurance money or directly out of your own pocket. If you haven`t received a mobile phone for your carrier contract, or if your carrier contract lasts longer than two years, you may be able to get a phone from your carrier on a monthly basis. Contact your insurer to find out what coverage you have and how they can get you a replacement.

If your phone has been stolen, you need to give them the crime reference number. Once you have spoken to your operator, you will need to report the theft to the police. We`re going to be honest here and say that it`s unlikely that the police will investigate the case, but a police report is always important for two reasons. First, if you have some form of insurance, you`ll need confirmation of a police report before you can make a claim. Second, if thieves set up a bill on your phone and you want to dispute the charges, you`ll need confirmation again that you reported the theft to the police. If your mobile phone is quickly untraceable, use the Find My Phone feature on your phone to lock your phone from anywhere. Also, be sure to use this opportunity to change the passwords for any accounts you`ve accessed regularly or had an app on your account, especially for financial accounts, emails, and social media, just in case. If you haven`t had a chance to locate your device, after remotely erasing and locking it, contact your cellular plan operator. You can disable the service for your phone and usually mark the phone itself as unusable, even with a new SIM card or carrier. This not only helps to protect you, but also protects someone who is unknowingly buying a used phone that has been stolen. You can register your mobile phone on Immobilise.

If your phone is lost or stolen but found, the police can use Realmobilise to return it to you. Your carrier will give you your phone`s identification number (IMEI), which you will need to give to the police. If the phone has been pinched, register the incident with the local police. The chances of getting your handset may be slim, but they`ll be even slimmer if the cops don`t know you`re missing a phone. And if he shows up, the police can return him to you. Carriers are NOT required to remove charges from your mobile phone bill that were charged before you reported your phone theft to them. But many of them will. Your first point of contact when you receive an invoice should be to call your carrier`s customer service line and speak to an agent. In many cases, this will clarify the problem. Remember to keep the information from the moment you reported the phone`s theft, including the time and date of your first call and the name of the person you spoke to.

It is important that you monitor your next cell phone bills to make sure that there are no excessive charges for thieves using your phone. You may or may not have to pay this fee, even if you haven`t made the calls. In the case of O2, Vodafone, EE, Three and Virgin Media, the customer`s liability is limited to £100. This means you don`t have to pay more than £100. However, you will have to pay up to £100 whether you have made the calls or not. Other UK operators do not have such a cap, which means that you can be technically responsible for all charges, to the point where you have reported the flight to the operator. Losing the phone – or worse, flying it – is stressful. But it`s a real risk and it can happen to anyone. .

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