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Your Agreement with Death

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2. Strong, the Assyrian (Isaiah 10:5). thrown down – namely Ephraim (Isaiah 28:1) and Samaria, his crown. with. The hand – by force (Isaiah 8:11). 18 And your covenant with death will be annulled, and your agreement with Sheol will not last; When the overflowing scourge passes, you will be crushed by it. 24. all day – emphatic; he does not always plough: he also “acidifies” and even according to sure rules (Isaiah 28:25). Open it – deliver “always”. Is it still painful? 28.

Corn bread – corn from which bread is made. pressed – beaten with corn pulling (unlike dill and cummin, “beaten with the stick”), or “expelled” from the hooves of cattle led on it on the threshing floor [G. V. SMITH], (Deuteronomy 25:4, Micah 4:13). because – rather “but” [HORSLEY]; Although corn is beaten with the heavy instrument, it will not always beat it this way. Break – “roll the wheel on it (constantly)” [MAURER]. Wagon – threshing-traction. Riders – rather “horses”; used to kick corn. He allows the circumstances of life to affect us until we finally break these inner agreements (see also Isaiah 29:3–4). His purpose for us in these situations is to rest in Him instead of finding different ways to move from Him to something else (Isaiah 30:15–16).

15. says – virtually, in your behavior, if not in words. There may be a tacit reference to their trust in their “covenant” with the Assyrians at the beginning of Hezekiah`s prosperous reign, before he ceased to pay homage to them as if he were protecting Judah from evil, no matter what happened to neighboring Ephraim (Isaiah 28:1). The full meaning is manifested in language (“covenant with death, hell,” or the Sheol), which applies to all who are spiritually lulled into false certainty (Psalm 12:4; Ecclesiastes 8:8; Jeremiah 8:11); those who fear God alone are in covenant with death (Job 5:23, Hosea 2:18; 1 Corinthians 3:22). Exuberant scourge – two metaphors: the enemy Assyrian armies like an overwhelming flood. Cross Judea on their way to Egypt to punish it as the protector of Samaria (2 Kings 17:4). Lies – They did not use these words, but Isaiah refers to their feelings by their real name (Amos 2:4). Isaiah 28:18 (YLT) And your covenant with death is lifted, And your reserve of Sheol does not hold, A plague overflowing when it passes, Then you have been there to take a step. 22.

Mockers – a sin they had committed (Isaiah 28:9 Isaiah 28:10). Gangs – their Assyrian slavery (Isaiah 10:27); Judah was then dependent on Assyria; or “that your punishment may not become even more severe” (Isaiah 24:22). Consumption – Destruction ( Isaiah 10:22 Isaiah 10:23, Daniel 9:27 ). 27. The husband applies the same discretion to threshing. Dill (“Fitches”) and cummin, legumes and tender grains, are not beaten as wheat and with the strong strength of corn (“threshing instrument”), but with “a stick”; Heavy instruments would crush and injure the seed. Carriage wheel – two iron wheels armed with iron teeth, like a saw, connected by a wooden axle. The “corn tractor” consisted of three or four wooden cylinders, armed with iron or flint teeth attached underneath, which were connected like a sled. The two instruments cut the straw for feeding and separated the corn. Staff – even when he had only a small amount of corn; the plague of threshing (Ruth 2:17).

18. Then your covenant is cancelled with death, complacency is insufficient. 1 “Where are the mourners[1] (said the Lord) “They wait and tremble before my word: `Walk all day in darkness?` Come, make my name your trust and stay. 2 [“No works or duties of their own” Can atone for the slightest sin; “The dresses [2] that nature can provide `will not hide your slightest pollution. 3 “The softest sofa known to nature” Cannot rest the conscience: “Look at my righteousness and live;” Comfort and peace are mine.] 4 “You sons of pride, who light coals” With tes . Isaac Watts – Hymns and Spiritual Songs of PredestinationEph. I. 11.–“In which we too have acquired a predestined inheritance according to the plan of one who works everything according to the advice of his own will.” –Rome. Ix.

22: 23.–“What if God, who was ready to show his wrath and to manifest his power, endured with great suffering the vessels of anger which were suitable for annihilation, and that he might make known the richness of his glory on the vessels of mercy which he had previously prepared for glory?” In the creation of the world, the Lord loved it. Hugh Binning – The Works of the Reverend Hugh Binning An alliance is an agreement we make with someone else. Whenever we have an agreement within ourselves not to obey God in a particular area of our lives, we have made a covenant with death that must be broken. Death, in this context, speaks of something that separates us from God. Let`s see what the scriptures say about breaking a covenant with death. Verses 1–4 What people are proud of, whether they are wicked, is like a crown to them; But pride is the precursor to destruction. How stupid drunkards behave! Those who are overwhelmed by wine are overwhelmed by Satan; And there is no greater chore in the world than excessive alcohol consumption. Your health is ruined; Men are broken in their vocations and possessions, and their families are ruined.

Their souls run the risk of being defeated forever, all to satisfy a lower lust. In God`s professing people, like Israel, it is worse than in any other. And it is only taking away the abundance that they abuse in this way. The abundance they were proud of is just a fading flower. Like the first fruits that, once discovered, are picked and eaten. Verses 16-22 Here is a promise of Christ, as the only basis of hope to escape the wrath to come. This foundation was laid in Zion, in the eternal counsel of God. This foundation is a stone, firm and able to support his church. It is a proven stone, a chosen stone that has been recognized by God, and no one has ever abandoned it who has tested it.

A cornerstone that holds the entire building together and supports all the weight; precious in the eyes of the Lord and of every believer; A secure foundation on which to build. .

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